• Intuitive discovery of information
  • Facility timely decision
  • Personalised clinical intelligence
  • Flexible 360 communication platform


  1. MIMS Gateway Online
  2. MIMS Gateway Desktop
  3. MIMS Gateway Mobile
  4. MIMS Gateway Integrated

MIMS Gateway Online

An intelligent workflow-oriented resource designed specifically for healthcare professionals’ daily clinical practice needs - MIMS Gateway is powered by high quality MIMS Drug Information integrated with clinical decision support tools and renowned international medical resources, delivering a convenient, comprehensive and seamlessly integrated suite of information through a single point of access. 

The powerful and flexible MIMS Gateway search engine enables quick access to comprehensive and relevant information at the point of care;

delivering an at-a-glance overview of the therapeutic landscape and helping healthcare professionals make timely and well-informed clinical practice decisions.

Hospitals and institutions can also incorporate their own formularies and practice guidelines into MIMS Gateway to increase institution-wide accessibility of shared information through a single resource platform.

Some of the key benefits of MIMS Gateway Online include:

Personalised Search Experience

  • The Clinical Intelligence Dashboard can be customized to display multiple clinical content resources that best fit the medical professional’s clinical practice needs, presenting search results in a single view integrated display.

Decision Support Module 

  • Product Image Identification Tool
  • Drug Interaction Check
  • Drug Disease Interaction Check
  • Drug Allergy Check

Medical Resources and Tools

Additional sources of information include:  

  • MIMS News Journals
  • MIMS Doctor
  • MIMS Oncology
  • MIMS Pharmacy News & Insights
  • Medical Calculators & Scoring Tools
  • MIMS Diagnoses 
  • MIMS Disease Charts

MIMS Gateway Mobile

MIMS Gateway Mobile provides healthcare professionals with the most comprehensive list of locally-approved drugs information in an intuitive mobile format, allowing healthcare professionals to access drug information on-the-go conveniently even without an internet connection. Available on the iPhone & iPod Touch, MIMS Mobile includes several features physicians are already familiar with, such as:

MIMS Concise Prescribing Information:

  • At-a-glance concise summaries of key prescribing information allows quick on-the-go referencing of drug indications, dosage, safety precautions, contraindications and packing information.

MIMS Annual Detailed Prescribing Information:

  • Full prescribing information detailing comprehensive information on all aspects of the medication.

Manufacturer and Distributor Information:

  • Conveniently access contact details of drug manufacturers and distributors.

Drug Interactions:

  • Perform quick and intuitive checking of drug-drug interactions supplemented with information on the interaction severity level, recommended actions and clinical references.

MIMS Gateway Desktop

MIMS Gateway Desktop is a standalone application that allows healthcare professionals to access crucial clinical information even without an internet or local area network connection.

For optimum information retrieval, MIMS Gateway Desktop presents only the most critical clinical resources with a streamlined navigation experience, focusing on drug information, drug interaction checker, diagnoses and disease charts.

MIMS Gateway Integrated

MIMS Gateway Integrated provides essential clinical decision support to help optimise clinician’s time and improve the quality of patient care.

MIMS Gateway Integrated contains the esteemed MIMS drug database - the most up to date and comprehensive source of locally approved drug information, as well as MIMS clinical decision support tools which are internationally referenced and clinically reviewed.

MIMS Gateway Integrated is integrated into an institutions’ hospital/clinic management system to provide real-time interactivity and intervention checks for medical professionals, improving patient outcomes and medication management at the point of care.

  • MIMS Drug Interaction Alert 
  • MIMS Allergy Alert 
  • MIMS Drug Disease Alert 
  • MIMS Dose Range Check 
  • MIMS Duplicate Therapy Alert 
  • MIMS Drug Pregnancy Alert 
  • MIMS Drug Lactation Alert