Ministry of Health Malaysia (KKM)​

In 2012, KKM was looking for a consistent Medicines Knowledge Database that can be used as reference with online and offline access, as well as integrated in their pharmacy information system (PhIS).

One of the benefits that KKM hoped to gain from using a consistent medicines database in both reference and integrated scenarios, is to assist clinicians move efficiently and safely between platforms. This was important as the PhIS implementation at all 138 hospitals and 2833 health centres would take at least 5 years.​

The goals of PhIS:​

  • Drug utilisation evaluation​
  • Best practices in procurement and drug supply management​
  • 100% generic prescribing​
  • Dispensing data at end user level​
  • Integration of pharmacy facilities so prescriptions can be filled from any community pharmacy​

MIMS is honored to be entrusted with the task of delivering the MIMS Gateway Knowledge Solutions – which included both reference and integrated components. The solution contains a Malaysian specific database - fully integrated with Malaysia Drug Codes (MDC) and Malaysia National Drug Formulary (Blue Book), as well as evidence-based decision support modules such as drug interactions and drug allergy.​

*Prescriptions are being provided after screening from three different perspectives. ​

  • The system alerts clinicians when they order drugs associated with allergies based on the patient information. ​
  • The drug-drug interactions. The system alerts clinicians when they order two different drugs that potentially create negative reaction. ​
  • Based on World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) list. The system notifies clinicians when they select a prohibited drugs which is also listed under WADA.​